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Labels and SDS downloads

Click on the Label or SDS icons to open the desired PDF file. A new tab will open in your browser, offering a preview. Desktop users may then choose the ‘Download’ option (see top of screen) to save a copy for easy reference. 

Are you looking for Syngenta Turf and Landscape, or Syngenta Professional Pest Management products?: 

Turf & Landscape Labels and SDS  |  Professional Pest Management Label and SDS 


Product Product type Label SDS
Actara Insecticide
Label286 bytes
SDS69.34 KB
Adigor Adjuvant
Label138.67 KB
SDS92.77 KB
Affirm Insecticide
Label204 bytes
SDS67.71 KB
Agral Adjuvant
Label117.19 KB
SDS111.58 KB
Alto 100SL Fungicide
Label205 bytes
Amistar 250 SC Fungicide
Label454 bytes
SDS79.1 KB
Amistar TOP Fungicide
Label210 bytes
SDS91.55 KB
Amistar Xtra Fungicide
Label566.48 KB
SDS221.25 KB
Apron XL Fungicide
Label235 bytes
SDS88.69 KB
Arcade Herbicide
Label275.39 KB
SDS61.04 KB
Axial 100 EC Herbicide
Label212 bytes
SDS283.24 KB
Axial Xtra Herbicide
Label172.85 KB
SDS167.97 KB
B-Power Herbicide
Label276.37 KB
SDS167.97 KB
Bion Seedcare
Label163 bytes
SDS82.01 KB
Bogard 100 WG Fungicide
Label153 bytes
SDS170 bytes
Boxer Gold Herbicide
Label245.12 KB
SDS69.34 KB
Bravo ~Discontinued
Label352 bytes
SDS79.1 KB
Bravo Weather Stik Fungicide
Label252 bytes
SDS120 bytes
Cadence Herbicide
Label345.7 KB
SDS117.19 KB
CALLISTO Herbicide
Label20.51 KB
SDS261.72 KB
Chairman Post Harvest
Label276.37 KB
SDS208.01 KB
Chess Insecticide
Label215 bytes
SDS69.34 KB
Chorus Fungicide
Label194 bytes
SDS504.49 KB
Cogito Fungicide
Label204 bytes
SDS69.34 KB
Concep II Seedcare
Label184 bytes
SDS69.34 KB
Cruiser 350 FS Seedcare
Label328.07 KB
SDS69.34 KB
Cruiser 600 FS Insecticide
Label176.76 KB
SDS69.34 KB
Cruiser Extreme Insecticide
Label213.87 KB
SDS561.72 KB
Cruiser Opti Seedcare
Label201.17 KB
SDS85.94 KB
Dividend Formula M ~Discontinued
Label245 bytes
SDS77.25 KB
Dual Gold Herbicide
Label249 bytes
SDS953.67 KB
Durivo Insecticide
Label72.64 KB
SDS86.79 KB
Dynasty ~Discontinued
Label245 bytes
SDS858.31 KB
Elatus Ace Fungicide
Label169 bytes
SDS330 bytes
Emerge Seedcare
Label378 bytes
SDS926.97 KB
Errex 750 Plant Growth Regulator
Label143 bytes
SDS69.34 KB
Fusilade Forte Herbicide
Label117.19 KB
SDS213.62 KB
Gesagard Herbicide
Label194 bytes
SDS31.47 KB
Gesapax Combi ~Discontinued
Label225 bytes
SDS190.73 KB
Gesaprim 600 SC ~Discontinued
Label283.2 KB
SDS188.83 KB
Gesaprim Granules Herbicide
Label208.01 KB
SDS198.24 KB
Gesaprim Granules 900 WG ~Discontinued
Label225 bytes
SDS248.91 KB
Gesatop 600 SC ~Discontinued
Label296 bytes
SDS641.6 KB
Gesatop 900 WG ~Discontinued
Label226.56 KB
SDS69.34 KB
Gesatop Granules Herbicide ~Discontinued
Label207.03 KB
SDS78.13 KB
Graduate A+ Post Harvest
Label118.25 KB
SDS133.52 KB
Gramoxone 250 ~Discontinued
Label378 bytes
SDS240.23 KB
Gramoxone 360 PRO Herbicide
Label441 bytes
SDS149.41 KB
Insegar WG Insecticide
Label199.22 KB
SDS79.1 KB
Karate Zeon Insecticide
Label69.34 KB
SDS389.1 KB
Krismat WG Herbicide
Label184 bytes
SDS205.04 KB
Logran 750 WG ~Discontinued
Label286 bytes
SDS69.34 KB
Logran B-Power ~Discontinued
Label256 bytes
SDS455.86 KB
Maxim 100 FS Seedcare
Label180 bytes
SDS69.34 KB
Maxim XL Seedcare
Label192 bytes
SDS82.01 KB
Minecto Forte Insecticide
Label292.97 KB
SDS244.14 KB
Miravis Fungicide
Label859.26 KB
Moddus Plant Growth Regulator
Label92 bytes
SDS849.73 KB
Moddus Evo Plant Growth Regulator
Label64.85 KB
SDS58.17 KB
Orondis Flexi Fungicide
Label327.15 KB
SDS190.43 KB
Pegasus Insecticide
Label99.61 KB
SDS57.62 KB
Pirimor WG Insecticide
Label257 bytes
SDS163.08 KB
Primextra Gold Herbicide
Label250 KB
SDS69.34 KB
Proclaim ~Discontinued
Label174 bytes
SDS213.62 KB
Proclaim Opti Insecticide
Label403.32 KB
SDS205.08 KB
Reglone Herbicide
Label296 bytes
SDS176.76 KB
Revus Fungicide
Label263.67 KB
SDS57.22 KB
Ridomil Gold 25 G ~Discontinued
Label204 bytes
SDS175.78 KB
Ridomil Gold 480 EC Fungicide
Label204 bytes
SDS85.94 KB
Ridomil Gold 480 SL Fungicide
Label92 bytes
SDS234.6 KB
Ridomil Gold MZ WG Fungicide
Label256 bytes
SDS781.05 KB
Ridomil Gold Plus Fungicide
Label26 KB
SDS157.35 KB
SALTRO Fungicide
Label145.51 KB
SDS124.02 KB
SALTRO Seedcare
Label145.51 KB
SDS124.02 KB
Scholar Post Harvest
Label117.19 KB
SDS257.49 KB
Score Fungicide
Label194 bytes
SDS156.25 KB
Seguris Flexi Fungicide
Label224.61 KB
SDS159.18 KB
Spray.Seed 250 Herbicide
Label445 bytes
SDS156.41 KB
Switch Fungicide
Label121.09 KB
Talinor Herbicide
Label261 bytes
SDS367 bytes
Tecto SC Post Harvest
Label204 bytes
SDS87 bytes
Tervigo Insecticide
Label229 bytes
SDS96 bytes
Thiovit Jet Fungicide
Label215 bytes
SDS96 bytes
Tilt 250 EC ~Discontinued
Label307 bytes
SDS71 bytes
TILT 500 EC Fungicide
Label198.24 KB
SDS156.25 KB
Tilt Xtra ~Discontinued
Label92 bytes
SDS94 bytes
Timorex Gold Fungicide
Label142.58 KB
SDS65.43 KB
Topas 100 EC Fungicide
Label182 bytes
SDS92 bytes
Topik 240 EC Herbicide
Label204 bytes
SDS95 bytes
Uniform Seedcare
Label229.49 KB
SDS86 bytes
Vertimec ~Discontinued
Label235 bytes
SDS190 bytes
Vertimec Pro Insecticide
Label87.89 KB
SDS86.91 KB
Vibrance Seedcare
Label253 bytes
SDS82.03 KB
Vibrance CST Fungicide
Label181.64 KB
SDS197.27 KB
Vibrance CST Seedcare
Label181.64 KB
SDS197.27 KB
Vibrance Extreme ~Discontinued
Label252 bytes
SDS91 bytes
Vibrance Premium Seedcare
Label310 bytes
SDS165 bytes
Voliam Flexi ~Discontinued
Label276 bytes
SDS80 bytes
Voliam Targo Insecticide
Label567 bytes
SDS80 bytes