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Gramoxone 250


Authorisation Number: 
Activity Group: 
Group L Herbicide
Soluble Concentrate | SL

For the control of a wide range of grasses and broadleaf weeds.

Mixing and spraying

Add the required quantity of product to water in the spray tank and agitate to give even mixing. Agitate again if left standing. Mix with clean water only. Water should be clean and free from clay, silt and algae. Providing it meets this requirement, saline water, water collected from roofs, bore water, dam water and water from creeks may be used.At spraying, weeds should be growing vigorously and must not be covered with soil or heavy dew. The principle of selective weed control with this product is that annual weeds are controlled but perennial plants and clovers recover after an initial scorch. The control of annual weeds by spraying with this product will allow the desirable perennial species to thicken up at the expense of the weeds.