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Group 14 Herbicide
Emulsifiable Concentrate | EC

Improves control of a range of grass and broadleaf weeds when tank mixed with non-selective herbicides, in Fallow or prior to the establishment of Cereals, Canola and Pulses 

Other Restriction of Use

DO NOT apply by aircraft.
DO NOT make more than 1 application per season
DO NOT apply if heavy rain or storms are forecast within 3 days
DO NOT irrigate to the point of run-off for at least 3 days after application
DO NOT spray weeds which are waterlogged, under stress of any kind or covered with soil or dust
DO NOT spray weeds covered with heavy dew
DO NOT sow or cultivate for 1 hour after spraying
DO NOT use prior to the sowing of crops undersown with pasture species or vetch
DO NOT tank mix with LOGRAN B-POWER
DO NOT use if LOGRAN B-POWER is to be used in the same season

Mixing and spraying

B-POWER is an emulsifiable concentrate (EC) formulation. The recommended rate of B-POWER should be added to the spray tank after granular tank-mix partners (if used) are fully dissolved and in suspension. Good agitation should take place to ensure adequate mixing.

B-POWER efficacy is dependent on good coverage of the target weeds. Limited translocation occurs within the plant so inadequate coverage is likely to result in unacceptable control. Refer to product label for more instructions.