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Protected Cropping

Syngenta offers a powerful, industry-leading portfolio of vegetable varieties, growing methods and crop protection products to help you build total crop solutions that meet the needs of each link in the value chain, while helping ensure sustainable production of high-yielding, high-quality crops.

Related crop protection products from Syngenta

actara logo


Controls Cotton Aphid in Cotton, Kelly's Citrus Thrips in Citrus, and Whiteflies...

chess logo


Controls Aphids in Brassica Vegetables, Potatoes and Stonefruit.

Miravis Prime Product Logo

Miravis Prime

For the control of various diseases in Grapes, Berries, Leafy Vegetables, Lettuce and...

Pirimor logo


For the control of certain aphids on crops and pastures. Now also registered for...

Proclaim Opti

Proclaim Opti

For the control of various lepidopteran pests in fruit and vegetable crops.

revus logo


Controls Downy Mildew in Grapes and Oilseed Poppies.