Upgrade to a new optimised formulation. PROCLAIM® Opti for optimal control and protection. 

PROCLAIM® Opti is an evolution in protection for vegetable and viticulture crops in the control of Lepidopteran pests.
Our new formulation has been OPTIMISED to provide up to 14 days residual protection, targeting caterpillars in more crops.

PROCLAIM® Opti highlights

  • A selective insecticide that controls lepidopteran pests, while sparing beneficial insect and making it suitable for use in IPM programs
  • ​Translaminar movement locks the active ingredient inside the plant, delivering effective residual control for up to 14 days
  • After ingesting a toxic dose, larvae are completely paralysed and no longer able to damage the plant, protecting future yield and quality 
  • With a unique mode of action (Group 6), PROCLAIM® Opti acts as a resistance breaker controlling larvae that are no longer susceptible to other chemistry
  • PROCLAIM® Opti is formulated using PEPITE® granule technology, offering superior handling, user safety and application properties
PROCLAIM OPTI - Brassica Crop Protection
PROCLAIM OPTI – Specialist lepidoptera control
PROCLAIM OPTI – An evolution in protection

Fall Armyworm

Syngenta Australia is working with the industry and the Australian Pesticides and Medicines Authority (APVMA) to create solutions, including permits, so farmers can effectively manage this uniquely devastating pest. Understand your risk with regard to fall armyworm distribution and potential seasonal distribution.

Proclaim Opti vs Proclaim

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