Technical Services

Syngenta’s commitment to providing Australian growers with the best crop protection, seed varieties and seedcare solutions does not end at the product launch. 

By continuing the research & development (R&D) of existing products, our Technical Services team extends product knowledge, delivers product training and develops protocols for new product evaluations and commercial demonstrations, as well as managing technical enquiries. 

Located in key growing regions across Australia, our Technical Services team brings excellent technical knowledge, ability to interpret scientific data and intrinsic commercial understanding. Many are regarded as industry leaders in their field of expertise.

Our Technical Services team members work with advisors to deepen their understanding of Syngenta’s solutions and how our technologies can growers to realise new levels of productivity, profitability and quality on their farms.

The team also introduces and familiarises users with research compounds and varieties prior to release, demonstrating how Syngenta’s key products & varieties compare to industry standards in the field, evaluating novel use patterns, programs, solutions and application techniques and ensuring the delivery of scientifically sound technical material.

Our team in Australia is strongly focused on leveraging the best of our R&D and agricultural technologies from around the world to deliver growers integrated solutions. Our solutions are trialled and proven under local conditions.

The extensive field experience of our team and their close interaction with advisors helps us to identify new product development opportunities and continued innovation.

Our Technical Services team also provides in-field support for product performance enquiries to enable fast and efficient resolutions. Managing these technical enquiries doesn’t end as soon as the problem is solved. Our team looks for ways that Syngenta can share new knowledge to help growers get the most from their crop protection, seeds and Seedcare investment.

Our Technical Services team undertakes a number of activities including: 

Tailored product training

Our Solution Development team use their extensive knowledge to develop and facilitate a broad range of tailored product training on specialty areas, including horticulture, broadacre, non-selective herbicides, application technology, summer crop, seed treatment, plant pathology, genetics and resistance management.

Training sessions are targeted at agronomists, independent advisors and growers who gain a better understanding of Syngenta’s products and varieties and how they fit into the farming system. Advisors are also able to gain a better understanding of industry-wide issues, such as application technology and resistance management.

New Product Evaluations and Commercial Demonstrations

Our Technical Services team believes that the best way to share product knowledge, particularly when introducing new products, is to conduct new product evaluations and commercial demonstrations in the field. We make a significant investment into conducting new product evaluations and commercial demonstrations across Australia.

If you have any enquiries or would like for more information about our Technical Services team, please speak with your local Syngenta Territory Sales Manager.