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Build IPM into your vine program


I recommended using the dormancy period as a great opportunity to get amongst your vines and identify what pests you have and where they are hiding. Grapevine scale, Mealybugs a...

Spray.Seed in Vineyard

SPRAY.SEED application tips

Spray.Seed users should aim for even and complete coverage of the target weed.

Syngenta Miravis

Powerful & Dependable

Providing up to 21 days’ protection against Powdery Mildew in grapes, it is hard...

Switch to SWITCH® at 80% capfall

Switch to SWITCH at 80% capfall

Rainfast within two hours, its double mode of action and in-built resistance...


REVUS saves you time and money

Up to 21 days reliable rainfast protection, no matter what the weather.