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A spring plan to tackle weeds


Make sure your spring clean is effective - a herbicide ‘double-knock’ is worth considering at this time of year to stave off weed resistance to herbicides.


Cash-back in times of drought

An offer designed to help share with cereal growers the risk of low rainfall.

Boxer Gold benefits

Boxer Gold - The flexible option

Kill weeds in the current crop without plant-back restrictions limiting the rotational...

Ben Parkin in field

More control and safer on your crop

A post-emergent grass selective herbicide developed for Australian conditions.

Solutions Development Jason with agronomist

Solutions Development

Syngenta’s commitment to providing Australian growers with the best crop.

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Email Subscription

Get all of the latest news, technical advise and know-how from Syngenta.

Syngenta Australia

We are strongly focused on leveraging the best of our research and development and agricultural technologies from around the world to deliver growers integrated solutions.

How do you capture your spray records?