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Shift your thinking to PRE-EM broadleaf weed management.

Broadleaf weed control has – until now – relied heavily on post-emergent herbicide programs.

CALLISTO® is a powerful Group H pre-emergent herbicide that allows growers to control broadleaf weeds in wheat and barley as part of an integrated weed control strategy.

Group H chemistry used pre-emergent in cereals is a unique use pattern, that has been tested and shown to exhibit excellent broadleaf weed control, in addition to excellent crop safety in over 80 replicated trials across Australia.

Use CALLISTO as a key part of your broadleaf weed strategy, and stop broadleaf weeds before they start.

Please note: CALLISTO is not yet registered. An application is under evaluation by the APVMA

CALLISTO key features

  • Pre-emergent broadleaf herbicide for use in wheat and barley

  • Controls Group B,C,D,F and I resistant broadleaf weeds

  • Active ingredient is MESOTRIONE

  • Group H Herbicide

  • Excellent flexibility with a 14 day incorporation window

  • Low use rates from 100-200mL/ha

  • Long residual activity (up to 10 weeks)

  • Excellent crop safety

  • Short plant back of 9 months

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CALLISTO Tech note West

CALLISTO - Western Australia Technical

Specific application tech notes with Western AU focus

CALLISTO Tech note East

CALLISTO – Eastern Australia Technical

Specific application tech notes with Eastern AU focus

CALLISTO Benefits Guide

One Page Product Benefits Guide

A quick and handy CALLISTO reference guide


8 page FAQ document

Everything you need to know about CALLISTO and application

Product overview

  • New mode of action pre-emergent herbicide in cereals controlling group B,C,D,F and I resistant weeds

  • Combine CALLISTO with BOXER GOLD or other pre-emergent herbicides for one pass broadleaf and grass weed control for maximum yield

  • Long season residual pre-emergent herbicide removes weed competition, whilst early post-emergent applications are reduced or delayed

  • Good crop safety in wheat and barley, low use rates and short plant-back provides maximum flexibility

  • Improves spray logistics by taking the pressure off post–em broadleaf herbicide programs

  • Novel, broad spectrum and widely adaptable herbicide to manage hard to control broadleaf weeds in cereals like radish, sowthistle and doublegee

Use CALLISTO as a key part of your broadleaf weed strategy, and stop broadleaf weeds before they start.


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