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Stop broadleaf weeds before they start

Broadleaf weed control has historically relied heavily on post-emergent herbicide programs. CALLISTO® is a powerful Group 27(H) pre-emergent herbicide that allows growers to control broadleaf weeds in wheat, barley, oats and triticale, as part of an integrated weed control strategy.

Group 27(H) chemistry used pre-emergent in cereals is a unique use pattern, that has been tested and shown to exhibit excellent broadleaf weed control and crop safety in over 80 replicated trials across Australia.

Incorporate CALLISTO® into your broadleaf weed management plan this season, remove weed competition and take the pressure off your post-em herbicide program, by getting on top of problem weeds early.

CALLISTO® Highlights

  • New mode of action pre-emergent herbicide in cereals, controlling group 2(B), 3(D), 4(I), 5&6(C) and 12(F) resistant weeds

  • Novel, broad spectrum and widely adaptable herbicide to manage hard to control broadleaf weeds in cereals like radish, sowthistle and doublegee

  • Good crop safety in wheat, barley, oats and triticale, with low use rates and short plant-back, maximising flexibility

  • Efficiently combine CALLISTO® with BOXER GOLD® or other pre-emergent herbicides for one pass broadleaf and grass weed control for maximum yield benefit

  • Long season residual activity offered by CALLISTO® pre-emergent herbicide, removes early weed competition and simplifies logistics by taking the pressure off post–em broadleaf herbicide programs

Use CALLISTO® as a key part of your broadleaf weed strategy, and stop broadleaf weeds before they start.



Use these products separately, or as a mix for combined pre-em control in one pass

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Callisto in action - Photo2 South Australia
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