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MIRAVIS® Duo fungicide provides best-in-class protection against key diseases in horticultural crops. 

MIRAVIS® Duo fungicide delivers high yields and quality produce, maximising your crop potential.
For use in a wide range of horticultural crops, MIRAVIS® Duo fungicide provides residual control, short withholding periods and the combination of two powerful active ingredients to assist with resistance management.

MIRAVIS® Duo fungicide highlights

  • A powerful fungicide offering outstanding protection against powdery mildew and leaf spot diseases in root and fruiting vegetables, cucurbits, celery and peanuts.
  • Combines two modes of action to give best-in-class disease protection and mitigate fungicide resistance.
  • Targets fungi at all stages of the lifecycle to achieve superior marketable quality produce.
  • Formulated to give a new disease management solution for application in open field and protected cropping situations.

MIRAVIS® Duo is not registered. An application has been submitted to the APVMA.

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