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More flexible. More reliable. More Consistent. BOXER GOLD®…better value annual ryegrass control, when results count. 

In a head to head with Trifluralin, BOXER GOLD® delivers consistent performance on annual ryegrass, especially under variable seasonal conditions. With its dual active ingredients BOXER GOLD® delivers a combination blow to Group 3 (D -Trifluralin) resistant ARG populations and can be tank mixed with other herbicides such as CALLISTO® as a foundation to your grass and broadleaf weed management strategy. Being the superior choice for ease-of-use, BOXER GOLD® can also be used in pre, post or in split application use patterns, for cleaner wheat and barley crops this season.


The BOXER GOLD® product is protected by Australian Patent No. 2005315777


Proven performance on Annual Ryegrass

BOXER GOLD is registered for the control of Annual Ryegrass, Toadrush, Silver Grass, and Stone Crop Suppression of Barley Grass.

Over 50 replicated field trials and 100 large scale grower evaluations have shown that BOXER GOLD is a proven performer for control of Annual Ryegrass. In these trials, BOXER GOLD delivered the most consistent performance in the control of Annual Ryegrass compared to trifluralin, common pre-emergent tank mixtures and Sakura*, especially during the four to eight weeks post-sowing when weed control is essential for a healthy crop to establish.

* Sakura is a registered trademark of Kumiai Chemical Industry Co. Ltd, marketed in Australia by Bayer CropScience.

Safe in wheat, barley and durum wheat

BOXER GOLD is the only new generation pre-emergent herbicide to offer the flexibility of weed control in wheat, barley and durum wheat. Field trials and tolerance tests have shown crop safety equivalent to trifluralin.

Trifluralin resistance buster

With an increase in Group D resistance, the performance of trifluralin is becoming more variable. Australian field and laboratory trials have shown BOXER GOLD provides a timely alternative to trifluralin.

• Control of Group D resistant Annual Ryegrass
• No cross tactic to delay the onset of trifluralin resistance
• Alternative Mode of Action chemistry: Group J (formerly Group E) and Group K

More flexibility with seven day incorporation

BOXER GOLD provides convenience for management of machinery and farm labour by allowing up to seven days between application and incorporation. The benefits of a seven day incorporation window include:

• Minimising the effect of seeding delays
• Maximising available spray hours
• Allowing optimum time for sowing and maximum potential crop yield
• Extended incorporation window enabling improved translocation of herbicides under sub-optimal growing conditions.

Non-restrictive for crop rotation

BOXER GOLD has no plantback or failed crop restrictions, delivering more flexibility for crop rotation.

Control furrow wall weed escapes – split application

BOXER GOLD has is now registered for a split application timing. The split application technique delivers improved control of furrow wall ryegrass over the traditional incorporated by sowing (IBS) use pattern and in doing so addresses the largest source of escapes in a no-till system. It improves early season control of ryegrass in the furrow wall without reliance on residual activity from the herbicide. This improves the performance reliability of the pre-emergent herbicide by removing reliance on rainfall after seeding. Over five trials, a split application of BOXER GOLD outperformed Sakura by nearly two per cent.

What is the split application timing use pattern?

The same rate of BOXER GOLD is used per hectare, but in two separate applications:

• 1.75L/ha is applied at the traditional IBS timing.
• 0.75L/ha is applied immediately post-sowing pre-emergence (PSPE) as soon as possible after the seeding operation has occurred.

Developed for Australian farmers

BOXER GOLD was formulated by Syngenta specifically for Australian conditions. BOXER GOLD was the first pre-emergent herbicide mode of action in 30 years to be registered for the control of Annual Ryegrass in wheat, barley and durum wheat when released in 2008.

Highly compatible with knockdowns

Research across southern Australia has shown adding the pre-emergent herbicide BOXER GOLD® to SPRAY.SEED®, GRAMOXONE® or glyphosate products, can increase the knockdown effect on seedling Annual Ryegrass by up to 19 per cent.

It’s a unique benefit of BOXER GOLD not offered by any other pre-emergent products on the Australian market, including trifluralin, Avadex® or Sakura, giving it an advantage for growers looking to extend the control of Annual Ryegrass.

BOXER GOLD is also compatible with liquid Urea Ammonium Nitrate (UAN) fertilisers provided the spray solution is under constant high agitation.

Note: As formulations of other manufacturer's products are beyond the control of Syngenta and water quality varies with location, all mixtures should be tested prior to mixing commercial quantities.

Root, shoot and foliar uptake

BOXER GOLD contains prosulfocarb and S-metolachlor, unique in that it provides tri-uptake through the shoots, roots and foliage of emerging weeds, with the primary uptake via the mesocotyl (base of the coleoptile). Tri-uptake delivers:

• Improved ability to control both surface germinating and deeper germinating weed seeds
• Some uptake through the foliage of susceptible grass and broadleaf weed species
• Suitability for use in a range of tillage systems

Non-staining formulation

The characteristic orange staining associated with trifluralin and pendimethalin can play a big part in the depreciation of your farm equipment.

BOXER GOLD is an amber coloured emulsifiable concentrate that is easily pumped and rinsed with minimal fuss. This means cleaner transfer equipment, spray lines and spray tanks.


Use these products separately, or as a mix for combined pre-em control in one pass

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