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Toolbox winner hasn’t looked back with BOXER GOLD® herbicide


Winner of the BOXER GOLD® Toolbox Promotion Darren Cail, from Billenya Farms, Western Australia was in the header when he received the good news that he would be fitted out with a toolbox full of Kincrome and Milwaukee tools to the value of $7200.   

One of two winners across Australia, the Wubin farmer first saw the competition on social media and decided there and then to submit 25 words on which BOXER GOLD® herbicide features gave their farming operation the best value.  

It was an easy task for Darren, who said the product is an integral part of their weed control system.  

The Cail family first used BOXER GOLD® herbicide eight years ago, using it to combat ryegrass across their most difficult to control paddocks.  

“We used to pick the worst 1000 hectares (of wheat), use BOXER GOLD® herbicide on that and then rotate it around every year,” Darren said.  

However, as the price point for BOXER GOLD® herbicide became increasingly competitive, the Cail family expanded its use.  

“It’s gradually grown, and basically 80 per cent of our wheat last year had BOXER GOLD® herbicide and it’s going to be the same this year,” Darren said.  

That equates to some 22,000 litres of BOXER GOLD® herbicide, with the bulk of that applied as a pre-emergent across the Cails’ 8000ha wheat program.  

Using multiple active ingredients is an important weed resistance strategy for the Cail family.  

Prior to incorporating BOXER GOLD® herbicide into the mix the family was finding pockets of ryegrass that were becoming increasingly difficult to control.  

“In the past a lot of the time pre-seeding you would just use two litres of Trifluralin, but we just don’t do that anymore,” Darren said.  

“Everything is a mix and has two different active ingredients and sometimes even three - especially now with BOXER GOLD®.  

“We usually mix it with Trifluralin, giving us three different active ingredients and that makes it pretty attractive. 

“We found that by spending slightly more on a more robust pre-seeding mix, we ended up saving money in the long run by having cleaner paddocks." 

While BOXER GOLD® herbicide can be used in pre, post or split application patterns, Darren said in 95 per cent of cases they apply it as a pre-emergent. 

Due to the Cails’ adoption of multiple weed control strategies, including windrow burning and crop rotation to mix the herbicides used, much of their country has low to medium ryegrass pressure, making pre-emergent use of BOXER GOLD® herbicide the most economic and effective option in their system.  

However, the product’s flexibility allows the family to use it as a post-emergent in paddocks that have only had Trifluralin or carry a higher weed pressure.  

Consistency and efficacy in sub-optimal conditions make BOXER GOLD® herbicide an important tool for annual ryegrass management in Wubin where annual rainfall is low, particularly when incorporated by sowing. Their cereals tend to be sown dry, with only some years offering the opportunity to get a knockdown prior to seeding.  

“We’ll put our canola in early to mid-April and depending on how long that takes, we’ll just go straight into wheat and keep seeding all the way through,” Darren said.  

“If it stays dry we’ll put the majority of the program in dry, so the good thing with BOXER GOLD® is that it doesn’t need to be covered straight away and you can spray in advance, which gives you some operational flexibility. 

“Plus, it’s easy to use as well. Because it comes in liquid form – it’s not granular – it’s easy to fill up into the boomspray.  

“It mixes well as well and there are no issues with clogging up your sprayer.”



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