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For Powerful Disease Control. 

Through a combination of proven fludioxinil, with a new active ingredient pydiflumetofen, MIRAVIS® PRIME offers targeted control of key diseases in berries, leafy vegetables, grapes and potatoes. MIRAVIS PRIME attacks fungi at multiple sites, while reducing the risk of resistance.

MIRAVIS PRIME is bringing enhanced confidence to the management of problem diseases like botrytis, sclerotinia and powdery mildew.


MIRAVIS® Prime Highlights

  • MIRAVIS® Prime delivers the strength of two actives for powerful and long-lasting control of key vegetable and fruit crop diseases


  • Combines two modes of action to help delay the onset of resistance


  • Attacks fungi at multiple sites to offer optimum protection for superior quality


  • Powerful management of hard-to-control diseases sclerotinia, botrytis and powdery mildew


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