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Local field walk provides Syngenta pipeline insights


The Syngenta Potato Partners Academy 2022 was not the national event we planned, but the local field walk that went ahead last week was exceptional.

Local Syngenta Territory Sales Manager Wayne Richardson said "We were delighted to have a group together again after two years of restricted activities; it was just so great to facilitate this hands-on discovery of new products."

The site was located at Forthside Vegetable Research Facility in northern Tasmania, and was managed by the local Tasmanian Institutte of Agriculture (TIA) team headed by Doug Clarke in collaboration with the Syngenta technical services team.

“This site was set up to showcase each of the MIRAVIS® brand products; MIRAVIS®, MIRAVIS® Prime and MIRAVIS® Duo* (registration pending). MIRAVIS® has become the industry standard for control of target spot, and many growers this season have had great success with MIRAVIS® Prime to control Sclerotinia,” Syngenta Technical Services Lead Dr Brandy Rawnsley said. “With the MIRAVIS® Duo* launch scheduled for later this year, it has been really worthwhile using all three MIRAVIS® brand products in the same location to see how they might fit within a program.”

"The growers were really keen to see how MIRAVIS® Prime is going to fit into their program given all of the issues we've had with Sclerotinia this year" advised Wayne. "It's really important to get the early timing right and then plan out the entire programme when you're also using MIRAVIS® later in the crop."

TERVIGO® nematicide was also used on site, demonstrating how to use the product on a potato crop. “Nematodes are an often-overlooked issue in potatoes” advised Brandy. “We are very happy to announce the label extension of TERVIGO® allowing its use in potatoes and sweet potatoes.”



Days like this field walk, under the umbrella of the Potato Partners Academy, and the Syngenta Learning Centres are a crucial part of what Syngenta does. Bringing growers and agronomists into our product development process ensures open dialogue that benefits both ways.

"The interaction amongst the group, the questions and points raised by the growers and agros alike was great," said Wayne. "The input has given us quite a bit to consider when looking at our development programme for future projects and I trust that they benefitted from one-on-one interaction with our technical staff as well".

For more information on these products or becoming a Syngenta Potato Partner, please contact your local Syngenta representative.

*MIRAVIS® Duo fungicide is not registered. An application has been submitted to the APVMA.