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MIRAVIS in potatoes

Best in class, noticeably superior control of Target Spot in Potatoes.

• MIRAVIS delivers powerful and dependable control of Target Spot in potatoes
• Reduces Target Spot infections prolonging green leaf area, maximising yield potential
• Rainfast within 1 hour providing flexibility with peace of mind
• Highly compatible allowing tank mixes which delivers one pass disease and insect control
• A best in class, noticeably superior fungicide for the management of Target Spot


Target spot early blight in potatoes




MIRAVIS treated versus untreated - Electron micrograph scans inside the leaf

MIRAVIS was used preventatively on the leaf in Figure 1, while the leaf in Figure 2 was left untreated.
6 days after inoculation with Alternaria you can see Alternaria mycelia inside the leaf of the untreated and cell collapse and leaf damage.

Potatoes - Miravis treated versus untreated

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