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World Potato Day a time to reflect and look to the future

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Producing quality potatoes, sustainably is a vital component to every successful potato growing operation and a goal Syngenta has long supported.

As a leading agriculture company in global research and development, Syngenta has gone to great lengths to support Australian potato growers and the industry in this shared quest. This work is ongoing as we continue to develop technologies for key milestones in every crop from establishment, through the growing stages, and post-harvest.

To support the industry in the adoption and use of our products, Syngenta’s Potato Partners was first launched in 2006 to assist the industry in meeting their production challenges. Potato Partners has evolved each year since and is continuing to deliver value.

The program is based on three pillars; products, innovation and support. Access to new technologies and innovations is also offered through technical resources and local expertise, as the program includes workshops and training sessions along with individual technical support.

“One of the most valuable benefits to being a Potato Partner is the ability to participate in new product trials and training on application best practice and new technologies that can help deliver better results,” Syngenta Portfolio Lead, Peter Werbenec said.

“We are currently working on a series of application workshops we hope to deliver later this year, as well as a Potato Academy early next year.”

Potato Partners are always the first to hear about innovation updates via our Potato News emails. Recently this included the registration of MIRAVIS® Prime, our latest potato innovation and solution to sclerotinia.

World Potato Day is a chance for all of us to reflect on this superfood and an industry that we are proud to be a part of. Please contact your local Syngenta representative for more information about Potato Partners.


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