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Syngenta brings the GrowMore experience to the Adelaide Plains

Dr Brandy Rawnsley taking key advisors and growers through the Adelaide Plains GrowMore Potato trial.

No grower likes to see a pest or disease in their crop.  But it’s not often you get the opportunity to see the potential damage pests and diseases can cause.

For this reason, Syngenta have developed the concept of GrowMore demonstration sites to share a broader understanding of various pests and diseases in horticultural crops and how to holistically address these challenges. These trial sites also give an insight into existing crop protection products and the latest solutions from Syngenta.

Until now, GrowMore has only been held in Queensland. In September and October, Syngenta brings this same concept to the Adelaide Plains, South Australia, where it will highlight key production challenges in lettuce, broccoli, spinach, onions and potatoes.

GrowMore will provide a focus on pests and diseases that pose a risk to horticultural crops in southern growing regions. As no two seasons are the same, environmental conditions will place a big part on disease onset.

Some of the target fungal diseases include downy mildew on onions, broccoli, lettuce and spinach; Sclerotinia in lettuce and spinach; and early blight on potatoes. 

These common diseases often require the use of fungicides and a targeted spray program for prevention and control. For example, Sclerotinia is a very hard to control disease as it can survive in the soil for five years or more. When Sclerotinia takes hold, marketable yield can be greatly reduced, with entire plant death under high disease pressure.

Among the new solutions on display at GrowMore Adelaide Plains is MIRAVIS® PRIME for control of Sclerotinia. Research and grower trials so far have shown outstanding control of Sclerotinia. MIRAVIS PRIME is not yet registered but, with an application currently with the APVMA, MIRAVIS PRIME is due for registration late this year/early 2021. MIRAVIS PRIME will be used at GrowMore for control of Sclerotinia on lettuce, leafy vegetables and potatoes.  

Insect pests can always be a threat to production, so GrowMore also provides the opportunity to see insect damage in untreated plots. This assists pest identification and symptoms associated with chewing and sucking insects. The new insecticide formulation, PROCLAIM® OPTI, is now registered across more crops such as leafy vegetable and lettuce crops.

With both in-field tours and virtual experiences, GrowMore will showcase Syngenta crop protection solutions to suit a wide range of needs in horticultural production. Keep an eye out for local industry updates and the Syngenta website for more details.

See for yourself. Visit the GrowMore page now.