Fall Armyworm

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Fall armyworm arrived in Australia in January 2020, and in less than a year has become established throughout Queensland, the Northern Territory and Western Australia, with seasonal incursions into southern states such as New South Wales.

Syngenta Australia is working with the industry and the Australian Pesticides and Medicines Authority (APVMA) to create solutions, including permits, so farmers can effectively manage this uniquely devastating pest.

About the Fall Armyworm



Understand your risk with regard to fall armyworm distribution and potential seasonal distribution. If you are within an area of concern, stay abreast of local sightings. Cesar provide an excellent resource with sightings noted on a map: http://cesaraustralia.shinyapps.io/MothTrapVis/

Fall Armyworm Management

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A full list of products for Emergency Permit use is listed on the APVMA website.

Further information

Information on fall armyworm is growing very rapidly with sources being made available around the globe.

A recording of a Growcom webinar and most of the facilitated session on R&D gaps analysis was made. To view the recording, click here

An earlier series of webinars on fall armyworm was presented by AusVeg. These can be accessed here

Some industry resources are listed below. This is not a comprehensive list, but a more focussed, localised collection of knowledge.

Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries Crop Fact Sheets

Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries Fall Armyworm information

Full list of host plants (CABI)

Life cycle of the fall armyworm video (CABI)

Sugar Research Australia fact sheet

Cotton Info fall armyworm ID guide: From Endemics to Exotics

The Beatsheet: Pest Management for the Northern Grain Region

Helicoverpa Economic Threshold Calculator

Queensland DAF Farm Biosecurity advice

Grains Farm Biosecurity Program

Farm Biosecurity (Grains)