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Concep II


Authorisation Number: 
Wettable Powder | WP

For application to Sorghum Seed as a seed treatment to protect it from the phytotoxic effects of Dual Gold Herbicide and Primextra Gold Herbicide.

Mixing and spraying

Commercial Seed Treatment: Mix CONCEP II with water to form a smooth slurry and cover seed uniformly with the slurry using a blender, tumbler or other seed dressing equipment. Individual Bag Treatment: Place bag (20 kg) of sorghum seed into cement mixer. Whilst rotating add 250 mL of water to moisten the seed. Then sprinkle 36 g of CONCEP II onto moist seed and continue rotation for 1 to 2 minutes or until adequate coating is observed.

Tank mix lifespan

DO NOT store treated seed for more than 18 months