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Group 3 Fungicide
Emulsifiable Concentrate | EC

Control cereal disease without breaking the bank! COGITO combines the strengths of tebuconazole and propiconazole for robust and broad-spectrum foliar disease control - your umbrella for protection. It also has the lowest use rate per hectare of any registered cereal fungicide. 

COGITO, for the control of fungal diseases of cereals, peanuts and ryegrass.

Mixing and spraying

Fill the spray tank to one quarter full. Add the required amount of COGITO and continue adding water to make up to the final spray volume. Agitate while mixing and spraying. When tank mixing, wettable powder or water dispersible granule formulations should be added to the tank first followed by suspension concentrates (flowables), water soluble salts then COGITO or other emulsifiable concentrate formulations. Mantain thorough agitation during mixing and application. Agitate tank mixes vigorously if allowed to stand.May be applied by boom spray or aircraft. Ensure complete civerage of all leaves and steam is obtained.

Water volume

Boom Application: As a guide, apply in spray volumes ranging from 50 to 100 L water per hectare. Aerial application: As a guide apply using 20 to 30 L water per hectare.