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Krismat WG


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Group 2 Herbicide
Group 5 Herbicide
Water-dispersable Granule | WG

For the control of certain broadleaf weeds and the suppression of certain grasses, nutgrass and sour grass in sugarcane.

Other Restriction of Use

DO NOT apply if heavy rain is forecast within the next 48 hours.

Mixing and spraying

1. Fill vat no more than 25% full with clean water before adding Krismat. Beging agitating vat contents vigorously and continue agitation during entire mixing and spraying operations. 2. Pour required amount of Krismat steadily into vat. Allow vigorous bypass agitation to completely disperse product. DO NOT dump product into vat all at once. 3. After adding required quantity of Krismat and obtaining complete dispersion, continue to fill vat to desired level of spraying. Thorough agitation (preferably mechanical) of the spray liquid is essential during the addition of the product and during the entire spraying operation.

Water volume

As a guide a minimum water volume of 150 L/ha should be applied.