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Dividend Formula M


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Group 3 Fungicide
Group 4 Fungicide
Suspension Concentrate | SC

For the control or suppression of seedling diseases in Barley and Wheat.

Mixing and spraying

Shake well before use to ensure that the suspension is thoroughly mixed. Thoroughly mix the recommended amount of DIVIDEND Formula M into the required amount of water. Coverage of all seeds is essential. Maintain constant agitation of the slurry during application. Apply DIVIDEND Formula M as a water-based slurry using standard slurry treatment equipment that provides uniform seed coverage. Uneven or incomplete seed coverage may not give the desired level of disease control. For best results, DIVIDEND Formula M should be used to treat only undamaged seed of high viability.

Water volume

DIVIDEND Formula M should be mixed with water to a minimum volume of 400 mL (product plus water)/100 kg seed and a maximum of 600 mL (product plus water)/100 kg seed before application.