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Vibrance CST

Seedcare, Fungicide

Authorisation Number: 
Activity Group: 
Group 4 Fungicide
Group 7 Fungicide
Group 11 Fungicide
Group 12 Fungicide
Suspension Concentrate for Seed Treatment | FS

For the control of seedling Damping-off caused by Pythium spp. and Rhizoctonia solani in Cotton.

Mixing and spraying

The product should be applied diluted with water in specialised seed treatment equipment. As for all such seed treatments, a good flow and metering system for the initial prepared solution is important. Depending on the type of seed treatment equipment, it may be necessary to increase the recommended amount of water slightly in order to ensure an optimal flow of the solution and an even treatment of seed.
Prepare the solution as follows:
1. Fill the solution tank with the required volume of water and mix with the appropriate volume of VIBRANCE CST. Total volumes of not less than 500 mL nor more than 1.2 L water/100 kg of seed are recommended when VIBRANCE CST is applied alone. If additional seed treatments are applied in combination with VIBRANCE CST a higher total application volume may be required to ensure even coverage of seed.
2. Switch on the stirring system and stir.
The prepared solution must be used within 1 week.