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Karate Zeon


Authorisation Number: 
Activity Group: 
Group 3A Insecticide

For the control of certain insect pests in Barley, Cotton, Wheat and various field crops.

KARATE ZEON is now registered for the control of Russian Wheat Aphid in winter cereals. Please refer to the label for Directions for Use.

Other Restriction of Use

DO NOT apply if rain is expected within 6 hours.

Mixing and spraying

For ground or aircraft application with water: KARATE ZEON mixes readily with hard or soft water. Add the required quantity of product to water whilst under agitation to ensure thorough mixing. Agitate while spraying. In extremely alkaline water (pH 9) spray immediately after mixing.For ULV (ultra low volume) application with oil: It is recommended that KARATE ZEON is mixed with a mineral spraying oil. See Compatibility section for list of recommended mineral spraying oils. Add the required quantity of product to oil whilst under agitation to ensure through mixing. Agitate while spraying.

Water volume

For ground rigs the volume of liquid applied should be 50 to 100 L/ha.Aerial application should be under conditions normally suitable for water based insecticides. Apply in at least 10 to 20 L water/ha.