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Gesatop Granules

Gesatop Granules Herbicide


Activity Group: 
Group C Herbicide
Water-dispersable Granule | WG

For the control of weeds of horticultural and broadacre crops, forestry and in non-crop situations as per the Directions for Use

Other Restriction of Use

DO NOT exceed highest rate recommended for any particular crop.

DO NOT plant crops other than those recommended following treatments at rates up to 2.5 kg/ha for at least 9 months after application. When rates exceed 2.5 kg/ha planting may not be possible for longer periods and trial plantings should be conducted to check residual activity.

Mixing and spraying

Mixing: GESATOP GRANULES must be mixed with water and applied by suitable spray equipment.

1. Fill vat no more than 25% full with clean water before adding GESATOP GRANULES. Begin agitating vat contents vigorously and continue agitation during entire mixing and spraying operation.

2. Pour required amount of GESATOP GRANULES steadily into vat. Allow vigorous bypass agitation to completely disperse product. DO NOT dump product into vat all at once.

3. After adding required quantity of GESATOP GRANULES and obtaining complete dispersion, continue to fill vat to desired level for spraying. Thorough agitation of the spray liquid should continue during the entire spraying operation.

Note: Spray solution should NOT be left standing in the vat overnight.

Application: GESATOP GRANULES must be applied in a minimum of 50 L/ha (WA only); 100 L/ha (Qld, NSW, Vic, SA); 200 L/ha (Tas only). Higher volumes of water are desirable as this usually Increases the evenness and accuracy of application. It is most important not to exceed the rates recommended when using hand held high volume sprayers.

Knapsack Applications: 3 kg GESATOP GRANULES/ha is equivalent to 60 g GESATOP GRANULES/15 L knapsack of water over 200 square metres.

Power Sprayer: 3 kg GESATOP GRANULES/ha is equivalent to 610 g GESATOP GRANULES/200 L drum of water over 2000 square metres.

TT Canola: DO NOT apply to TT-canola by aircraft. Apply only with a low boom sprayer with a 60 m buffer zone downwind of treated fields to natural or impounded lakes or dams, and a 20 m buffer zone for any well, sink hole, intermittent or perennial stream. Apply only to areas where runoff is unlikely to occur or where runoff may be captured by farm earthworks.