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Cruiser Opti


Authorisation Number: 
Chemical Family:
Group 4A Insecticide
Activity Group: 
Group 3A Insecticide
Group 4A Insecticide
Flowable Concentrate

For treatment of Canola and Cereal seed for early plant protection against Aphids, Red Legged Earth Mite and Lucerne Flea and control of stored grain pests in stored Cereal planting seed.

Mixing and spraying

Shake well before use to ensure that the suspension is thoroughly mixed. Coverage of all seeds is essential. CRUISER OPTI should be applied diluted with water in specialised seed treatment equipment. As for all such seed treatments, a good flow and metering system for the initial prepared solution is important. Depending on the type of seed treatment equipment, it may be necessary to increase the recommended amount of water slightly in order to ensure an optimal flow of the solution and an even treatment of seed.

Water volume

For canola: Premix CRUISER OPTI with water to a total volume of not less than 800 mL (product plus water) nor more than 1.6 L (product plus water) /100 kg seed.For cereals: CRUISER OPTI should be mixed with water to a minimum volume of 400 mL (product plus water)/100 kg seed and a maximum of 800 mL (product plus water)/100 kg seed before application.

Tank mix lifespan

Treated grain should be stored away from direct sunlight, either in a sealed silo or in a well-ventilated silo where the grain can be regularly monitored prior to sowing. If it is safe to do so, bulks should be sampled from the top and bottom because insect infestations often develop first on the surface of bulk grain or at exposed outloading chutes.