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Group 4 Herbicide
Water-dispersable Granule | WG

Controls certain broadleaf weeds in winter cereals, pastures, conservation tillage, sugarcane, rice, turf, grain sorghum and non-crop areas

Mixing and spraying

Quarter fill the spray tank and add the required amount of CADENCE while the agitator is running. Add the remaining water with the agitator running. Add the required wetting agent last. Maintain constant agitation during the spray operation.
Only mix sufficient spray mix for immediate use and avoid storing.
When tank-mixing, CADENCE should be added to the tank first, followed by wettable powders or other wettable formulations, suspension concentrates, aqueous concentrates, emulsifiable concentrates, and lastly the wetting agent (if applicable).

Water volume

Ground application: Apply CADENCE in not less than 50 litres of water per hectare through an accurately calibrated boomsprayer.
Aerial application: Apply CADENCE in 25 to 50 litres of water per hectare through accurately calibrated equipment. The aircraft should fly as low as possible under the prevailing conditions so as to minimise spray drift. No manual flaggers in aerial spraying.
High volume application: Apply CADENCE in a minimum of 1500 L/ha.
Knapsack application: A 15 litre knapsack treats 150 square metres.