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Logran 750 WG


Authorisation Number: 
Activity Group: 
Group B Herbicide
Water-dispersable Granule | WG

For pre-plant control of Annual Ryegrass, Paradoxa Grass and certain broadleaf weeds in Wheat, and for post-emergent control of Wild Radish in Wheat, Oats and Barley.

Other Restriction of Use

If RAIN FALLS within 6 hours of application, the effect could be diminished.

Mixing and spraying

1. Partly fill the spray tank with water. 2. Start the agitation. 3. Add the correct amount of product to the spray tank with the agitation system running. 4. Continue agitation while topping up the tank with water and while spraying.

Water volume

Ground Application: Apply by boom spray, applying 30 to 100 L water/ha.Aerial Application: Apply 20 to 40 L/ha.

Tank mix lifespan

Use the spray mix within 24 hours of preparation.