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Elatus Ace


Authorisation Number: 
Activity Group: 
Group 7 Fungicide
Group 3 Fungicide
Emulsifiable Concentrate | EC

For the control of certain fungal diseases of Wheat and Barley as specified in the Directions for Use.

ELATUS ACE contains 

  • Broadest spectrum control of major foliar wheat and barley diseases, one product for complete disease protection
  • Two modes of action, delivering a new rotation tool for resistance management
  • Unique SDHI chemistry provides best in class control of Septoria and rust providing long lasting protection
  • Excellent compatibility for one pass convenience, combine ELATUS ACE with MODDUS® EVO to maximise yields
  • Complete and consistent disease protection maximises yield potential. 

Mixing and spraying

ELATUS ACE Fungicide is an emulsifiable concentrate that mixes readily with water. Fill the spray tank to one quarter full. Add ELATUS ACE and continue adding water to make up to the final spray volume. Agitate while mixing and spraying.

When tank mixing, wettable powder or water dispersible granule formulations should be added to the tank first followed by suspension concentrates (flowables), water soluble salts then ELATUS ACE or other emulsifiable concentrate formulations. Maintain thorough agitation during mixing and application. Agitate tank mixes vigorously if allowed to stand. Note: Tank mix spray solutions should NOT be left standing in the vat overnight.

DO NOT apply with aircraft.
Use a nozzle delivering spray quality in the medium spray range, with a minimum of 70 L/ha of water volume up to 150 L/ha. Ensure complete coverage of all leaves and stems is obtained. The object of spraying is to keep the upper 2 to 3 leaves green and functioning through grain filling stage.

ELATUS ACE is compatible with a range of commonly used fungicides, insecticides, herbicides and fertilizers. Always consult your Syngenta representative before mixing ELATUS ACE with other products. As formulations of other manufacturers' products are beyond the control of Syngenta and water quality varies with location, all mixtures should be tested prior to mixing commercial quantities.

Water volume

70 to 150 L/ha