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Tilt 250 EC


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Activity Group: 
Group 3 Fungicide
Emulsifiable Concentrate | EC

Controls certain fungal diseases of Bananas, Oats, Peanuts, Perennial Ryegrass, Pineapples, Stone Fruit, Sugarcane, Wheat and other crops.

Mixing and spraying

Add the required amount directly to the spray tank and mix well. Cereals: May be applied by boom spray or aircraft. Ensure complete coverage of all leaves and stems is obtained. The object of spraying is to keep the upper 2 to 3 leaves green and functioning through grain filling stage.

Water volume

With aircraft, as a guide, apply 10 to 20 L/ha with the lower rate being used when applications are made with a cross wind of not less than 5 knots. Use the higher rates when applying to dense crops. Apricots, Plums and other Stone Fruit: Apply by high volume (dilute) sprayer or by concentrate sprayer.