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Over 270,000 ha registered for cash-back and growing

AgriClime mapped 2017

The first AgriClime offer period has now closed with over 270,000 ha enrolled for a combined potential cash-back of over $2.5 million.

Garth Wickson, grower and Syngenta Solutions Development Manager based in rural NSW, says that with the tough start to the season for a lot of areas and the forecast is not tipped to improve through the important spring grain filling period, now is a perfect time to limit your risks where you can.

“AgriClime limits growers’ exposure to the expected varied seasonal finishes when they invest in newer, more effective, chemistry.”

“This will help to maximise their crops potential while limiting their exposure to the cost of key products if the season does end up being a tight one.”

“It also allows growers to utilise the best product options for their situation without risking the impact of varied seasonal finishes,” he said.

Enrolments will close 1st August, 2017 for the second and final offer period this season - so make sure you don’t miss out!


About AgriClime

AgriClime is a program designed to help share with grain growers the risk of low rainfall during spring. 

Eligible growers can receive 15% cash-back on their investment in eligible Syngenta products and enrolment is free of charge.

To be eligible, growers must spend at least $50/ha on at least two eligible Syngenta products across a minimum of 300 hectares.

To enrol, simply fill out the quick online registration form here to see what your potential cash-back is. 

AgriClime 2017 qualifying products

What growers say about AgriClime

 “I’m glad I signed up, as I got some cash back on my investment when it didn’t rain.” – WA barley grower.

“The cash-back was much appreciated…to get something back when the gamble isn't in our favour helps to soften the effects.” – NSW wheat grower.

“It was a chance to get some money back if things didn't go to plan.” – SA barley grower.

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