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Is AgriClime part of your paddock

Growers contacted re: 2019 cash-back

Both of the 2019 offer periods have now ended, and growers have been notified of their potential cash-back. 

If you have not been contacted, or have any further questions, please contact Syngenta Customer Service on 1800 022 035.


AgriClime™ is a free Syngenta program to help share with Australian broadacre growers the risk of low rainfall during August to October. Have the confidence to invest in a better crop by knowing Syngenta is willing to share with you the risk of low rainfall.

The AgriClime offer:
• Up to 30% cash-back
• The less rainfall, the higher the cash-back
• Minimum of two (2) products to qualify
• $15,000 minimum spend on participating Syngenta products

Two 60 day offer periods:
• 1st August - 29th September 2019 registration CLOSED
• 1st September - 30th October 2019 registration CLOSED

Purchases between October 2018 to September 2019 inclusive are eligible.

How does the new offer work?

To qualify, growers must purchase a minimum of two eligible Syngenta products to a combined minimum value of $15,000. Purchases between October 2018 and September 2019 are eligible. The actual sign up can be done later, but it’s worth weighing it up now to see what Syngenta products (listed above) might be a good fit for your farm.

• Smaller 5 X 5km Grid Cells offer a better fit with your farm and rainfall patterns
• The Rainfall Threshold is now set to a 1-in-5 year rainfall event for the nominated Grid Cell
• This equals twice the chance of a cash-back compared to the previous offer
• Less rainfall = higher the cash-back
• If rainfall is recorded below the Rainfall Threshold a cash-back is triggered. This payout will increase as the rainfall figure decreases, to a set exit point of 30% cash-back

AgriClime grower example

New online sign-up

Syngenta has revamped the online signup tool to help you opt into the best offer for you. The key changes include:

• Smaller 5 X 5km Grid Cells offer a better fit with your farm and rainfall patterns
• Quickly and easily switch between offer periods and Grid Cells on your farm to see what is the best offer for you
• A confirmation email will be sent to you and your advisor within five minutes of submission

• PDF confirmation will be available for download on submission (Starting in March 2019)

AgriClime registration map

The online signup tool also provides an example chart to explain the model used for AgriClime. It demonstrates those years in the past 20 where you would have received cash-back based on this year’s updated data set, Rainfall Threshold and Exit Point. The model works on the basis of the less rainfall, the higher the cash-back. Cash-back begins when rainfall is recorded below the Rainfall Threshold, and continues to a maximum of 30% of committed spend when rainfall recorded is below the Exit Point. The model is linear and paid at a pre-determined dollar value per mm below the Rainfall Threshold.

AgriClime form chart

Due to the smaller gridded data set, the registration form may take up to 1 minute to load. While the form will work on most platforms, it is best used on PC, with Google Chrome or Internet Explorer 11 or above.