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New SALTRO® DUO delivers complete control of major seedling diseases in canola

Syngenta has developed SALTRO® DUO to pythium and stem canker
SALTRO® DUO treated canola seeds left, versus untreated, right, showing the affects of pythium.
  • New seed treatment approved for control of seedling blackleg in canola
  • Early control of seedling blackleg reduces seedling death and late-season stem cankers
  • SALTRO® DUO will enable Australian broadacre farmers to realise the full yield potential of canola crops

The successful registration of Syngenta’s new, unique SDHI fungicide makes SALTRO® DUO the only canola seed treatment combination that controls seedling blackleg, pythium and rhizoctonia. 

“With SALTRO DUO, we are truly providing growers a powerful combination that has never been seen before,” said Syngenta Product Lead for Broadacre Seedcare, Katie Slade. 

SALTRO DUO is the combination of two powerful seed treatments, specifically designed for Australian canola growers. Containing SALTRO (a unique SDHI fungicide), Pydiflumetofen, and the recognised high performer MAXIM® XL, this fighting combination provides the most powerful protection against seedling blackleg, rhizoctonia and pythium. 

By protecting against these wide range of seedling diseases, SALTRO DUO encourages rapid, uniform emergence and increased seedling establishment under all conditions. 

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“SALTRO DUO helps crops reach their full potential by optimising seedling emergence, root development, early leaf protection and crop vigour,” Katie said. 

“It is providing a level of protection previously unseen, against early blackleg infection.”  

This increased protection, through the SDHI chemistry, is allowing the crop to develop at a more rapid rate, growing through that early period where canola is susceptible to blackleg infection. This is reducing seedling death and, in turn, reducing stem cankers later in the season. 

“The added benefit of MAXIM XL creates an increased root mass through protection of lateral roots and fine root hairs from pythium and rhizoctonia damage - enhancing access to soil nutrients and moisture, resulting in healthy, vigorous crops.” 

SALTRO DUO delivers good seed and crop safety for complete grower peace of mind.

“There is no shortening of the hypocotyl, no negative interaction with herbicides and no effect on seed viability,” Katie said. 

With its wealth of benefits, SALTRO DUO is a valuable investment to ensure crops receive their best start toward full yield potential. 

“Through improving plant health in the important first four to six weeks of crop development, when yield potentials are determined, SALTRO DUO is key to ensuring growers achieve optimum yield,” Katie said. 

SALTRO DUO will be available as a convenient twin pack containing SALTRO and MAXIM XL. The synergy of the SALTRO DUO treatment is greater than the sum of its parts, improving seedling establishment and survival against key seedling diseases.

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