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SALTRO® DUO - The ultimate combination providing the complete control of canola seedling blackleg, rhizoctonia and pythium.


SALTRO DUO is a powerful combination of two leading seed treatments, specifically designed for Australian Canola growers. Containing Syngenta’s new, unique SDHI fungicide SALTRO and the recognised high performer MAXIM® XL, this fighting combination offers the most powerful protection against seedling blackleg, rhizoctonia and pythium.

Enhanced Product Benefits


  • SALTRO DUO is a twin pack of SALTRO and MAXIM XL providing the broadest spectrum disease control available in canola

  • Superior protection of canola seedlings from blackleg infection, reducing stem cankers and maximising yield potential

  • Provides multiple fungicide modes of action, which delivers resistance management benefits

  • Unparalleled seed safety, having no impact on seed germination promoting vigorous healthy seedlings

  • A best in class superior seed treatment for the control of blackleg, pythium and rhizoctonia in canola, delivering yield improvements compared to Jockey* Stayer*

Superior seed treatment for blackleg now available

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