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Vigorous crop establishment is crucial in setting-up a canola crop’s yield potential. Seed applied insecticides are effective tools where mites, sucking and chewing pests are present ensuring canola crops get off to a better start. EQUENTO® Extreme is a seed applied insecticide combination that delivers above and below ground protection against early season pests. This canola seed treatment package provides growers with a unique new mode of action, delivering fast-acting, long-lasting protection with no known resistance, making it an excellent management tool for pests such as Redlegged Earth Mites (RLEM) (Halotydeus destructor).


  • EQUENTO® Extreme is a powerful insecticide solution, delivering above and below ground protection against early season insect pests in canola.
  • Applied as a mixture of EQUENTO® and CRUISER® 600FS seed treatments, EQUENTO® Extreme delivers fast-acting, long-lasting protection with proven crop safety. 
  • Ideal soil movement and plant uptake properties provide consistent performance under a wide range of growing conditions.
  • Novel modes of action support resistance management strategies for a range of seedling establishment pests, particularly Redlegged earth mite (RLEM) (Halotydeus destructor).
  • EQUENTO® Extreme technology will be available through your certified canola seed provider for the 2024 planting season.
EQUENTO® Extreme - Novel mode of action

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