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New generation grass weed control with all the confidence of old

With AXIAL® XTRA arriving in the market, Landmark Dubbo Agronomist Jamie Taylor reflects on the old AXIAL.

You might remember AXIAL’s entry into the market back in 2006 – and it has stood the test of time as a post-emergent grass selective herbicide.

More than a decade in the market, Syngenta can now announce the next generation of AXIAL technology -  AXIAL XTRA - registered for use in wheat and barley.

The new and improved formulation of AXIAL XTRA contains 50g/L Pinoxaden + 12.5g/L Cloquintocet-mexyl + built-in adjuvant system which is a significant step-change in adjuvant science and technology, boosting the product’s uptake in grassy weeds.



  • Improved broadleaf herbicide tank mix compatiability and faster brownout ensuring optimal weed control.
  • Excellent crop safety in both wheat and barley providing peace of mind.
  • Advanced built in adjavant technology meaning there's no need to tank mix an adjavant, saving downtime.
  • Improved efficacy on wild oats, phalaris and ryegrass under marginal conditions demonstrating robustness
  • Next generation AXIAL XTRA provides extra confidence.

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