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Keeping chickpea pests at bay

Tony Taylor inspecting his chickpea crop for insects.
Tony Taylor inspecting his chickpea crop for insects.

After spending 20 years working in the northern NSW and southern Queensland cropping region, Tony and Melinda Taylor are very familiar with growing chickpeas.

In the heart of chickpea country, Goondiwindi, the Taylors grow and consult approximately 20,000 ha of chickpeas through their farming operation and agronomy business, Taylor Ag Consulting.

“Goondiwindi is prime chickpea country, in the absence of waterlogging or flood damage, we tend to get above average yields provided we resource the crops adequately” Tony said.

According to Tony, effective Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is another key factor to achieve above average yields.

“For chickpeas, the main pest is Helicoverpa, and they can cause plenty of damage if not managed correctly,” Tony said.

“I’ve found AFFIRM® to be very robust and easy to use. It’s performed well for me over a long period of time, both for cotton and now for chickpeas.”

“For chickpeas, AFFIRM is a great fit in an IPM management style program because it is a relatively soft product and has great efficacy on Helicoverpa.”

“It gives excellent grub control when applied at the right time.”

“We’ve consistently experienced up to three weeks residual control on crops that had finished vegetative growth.”

AFFIRM offers effective control for Helicoverpa, Loopers and Diamondback Moth in pulse crops.

Applied as either a ground cover or aerial spray, the timing of application is key to AFFIRM’s efficacy, with the best results seen by applying just before eggs hatch into larvae, allowing for early population control.

 “AFFIRM has performed well each time I have used it,” Tony said.

“It’s a convenient and effective product that delivers value for money when it comes to Helicoverpa control.”

“I’ll be using it again and recommending our clients do too.”