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Fungicide increasing yields by a tonne for Young grower

Broden Holland uses precision application and yield mapping to help measure his return on investment. At left is the application of AMISTAR® Xtra and right shows the same paddock at harvest, with the missed strips showing a yield deficit.

Curiosity and an appetite for information is central to every decision Broden Holland and his father Chris make, and it’s this approach that’s proven key to bigger, better cereal yields on the family’s New South Wales South West Slopes farm.  

Tech savvy and always learning, Broden represents a new generation of farmers constantly seeking improvement in every aspect. He seeks answers everywhere, whether it's green-on-green herbicide application, or even strategic fungicide applications, to close the door on disease, reduce screenings and lift protein . 

“Our whole farm is a trial,” he said.  “The John Deere header provides the results.  It is right there in front of you on the phone and it gives you confidence in making decisions for the next season.” 

Broden said yield and quality were vitally important, right up there with return on investment. A conversation with Delta Agribusiness Agronomist Lachie Caldwell prompted Broden to try AMISTAR® Xtra fungicide. 

Previously he had only occasionally seen the need for fungicides such as triazoles in his rotation; which goes wheat-canola for seven years followed by a lucerne based pasture phase. 

Unlike ordinary, low-dose strobilurin products, AMISTAR® Xtra fungicide offers complete peace of mind through the control of a wide range of diseases, however it’s the inclusion of Cyproconazole that boosts curative activity on rusts and powdery mildew. 


Broden Holland, Young NSW


Since his first strip trials in 2020, Broden hasn’t looked back. 

“The AMISTAR® Xtra at flag leaf, yielded half a tonne to the hectare more than the tebuconazole option,” he said.  

“Our best result was AMISTAR® Xtra at head wash (mid flowering) after tebuconazole at flag leaf, which improved our yield by another half a tonne. 

AMISTAR® Xtra can keep the wheat greener for longer - I think that stay-green effect allows it to photosynthesize and drive yield.” 

The idea to apply AMISTAR® Xtra at mid-flower came from the UK. Subsequently, Broden said the success of his initial trials gave him the confidence to increase the area treated with AMISTAR® Xtra from 30 hectares in 2020 to 1,800 hectares in 2021. 

“It was a no-brainer, and it produced an extra one tonne per hectare again in 2021, giving us an average of 6 tonnes per hectare for the season,” he said. 

Having an extra tonne to the hectare was one thing but being able to achieve an AH9H wheat-grade helped improve the return on many more of those loads. 

“By achieving that AH9H we were getting nearly $300 a tonne, but if that protein slips or we see more screenings, we can easily be downgraded and be losing $60 a tonne.    

“We have a self-propelled sprayer, so we are not afraid to do some passes,” Broden said.   

“The last two seasons have been very good and I’m keen to see how AMISTAR® Xtra performs in a dry or average year. 

“In Australia the seasons are so harsh at the end so anything that puts more grain or weight in the head is good.” 

For more information about AMISTAR® Xtra visit or speak to your local Syngenta representative.



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