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Long-lasting protection to maximise yield potential.

AMISTAR® XTRA is a cereal fungicide that contains AMISTAR Technology and is renowned for its length of protection. It is broad spectrum and protects cereal crops from all key foliar diseases, including stripe rust, barley leaf rust and powdery mildew.

Amistar Xtra highlights


  • AMISTAR XTRA delivers long lasting foliar protection, rate-for-rate outlasting key competitor products

  • The Cyproconazole in AMISTAR XTRA delivers the fastest moving foliar curative activity on rusts and powdery mildew

  • With two Modes of Action, it provides activity on all key stages of disease development

  • AMISTAR XTRA has a full dose of Strobilurin active unlike low AI loading competitor products

  • Unlike triazole-only fungicides, it stops disease before it attacks the plant, maximising yield potential


AMISTAR XTRA can be used safely in wheat, barley and durum to deliver long-lasting foliar protection. AMISTAR XTRA is rainfast within two hours of application and compatible with a wide range of herbicides, insecticides and PGR’s. Given the long length of protection that AMISTAR XTRA provides, application timing is an important consideration. Apply AMISTAR XTRA to disease-free leaves for maximum benefit.

Apply during Stem elongation (GS30-33)

  • Where conditions do not favour extended periods of disease development beyond flag leaf emergence
  • Where application can be made prior to significant disease pressure development, this maximises value gained from the long lasting protection

Apply during Flag leaf (GS39-49)

  • In long grain filling regions, where conditions favour continued disease development, this protects key yield determining leaves for the longest possible period.

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