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Early post-emergent herbicide application helping boost weed control levels

Grower, Kevin Davies, talks using Boxer Gold as an early post-emergent herbicide
Grower, Kevin Davies, talks using Boxer Gold as an early post-emergent herbicide

Despite being located in an above average rainfall area, Kevin Davies, a mixed enterprise farmer from York, Western Australia, didn’t quite get the rainfall he required for his pre-emergent herbicide application to be effective last season and so looked to a post-emergent herbicide to boost his weed control.

“Some Ryegrass had shot through in the barley, where unfortunately our pre-emergent had let us down,” Kevin said.

Following the direction of his agronomist, Kevin applied BOXER GOLD® as an early post-emergent (EPE) herbicide to further boost his weed control levels.

EPE application of BOXER GOLD can provide useful levels of suppression when applied with good crop and soil moisture conditions. It provides good suppression of surviving plants by reducing panicle numbers and therefore seed-set.

“The other main reason we decided to use BOXER GOLD was due to our seeding conditions. They were marginal since there wasn’t enough moisture in the soil and there were other factors out of our control in play,” Kevin added.

BOXER GOLD can be applied 2.5 L/ha EPE in wheat and barley only at the 1–3 leaf stage for Annual Ryegrass and, no later than GS25 of the crop.

To achieve good levels of Annual Ryegrass suppression, there needs to be adequate rainfall to activate BOXER GOLD.

Good soil moisture at application (Figure 1) and follow up rainfall (Figure 2) within 7 days will lead to optimum efficacy. Whilst there is limited leaf uptake of BOXER GOLD by Annual Ryegrass, the predominant means of suppression is still achieved by root and mesocotyl uptake. Hence the importance of good soil moisture in the root zone at time of application to ensure BOXER GOLD is readily absorbed.


Kevin waited until he had a couple of significant rainfall events before he sprayed.

“I was really happy with the spray we did after waiting for wet conditions because it lead to a really good result,” he said.

BOXER GOLD is compatible with a range of broadleaf herbicide options (see compatibility chart).

“I didn’t find any issue when tank mixing BOXER GOLD with other products and in terms of compatibility – it was excellent.”

“It will definitely be part of our set-up next year.”

Download the Technote for more information:

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