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Boots-and-all guess makes Paul a winner at Australian Cotton Collective 2019

Syngenta attended the 2019 Australian Cotton Collective at Griffith.
How many? Visitors to the Syngenta stand were encouraged to take part in the VIBRANCE® CST Guessing Competition.

A humble jar of seed, with its vivid blue Seedcare treatment, was the subject of much attention at the 2019 Australian Cotton Collective.

While it wasn’t the only reason people visited the Syngenta stand, the chance to win a pair of RM Williams boots did provoke some friendly rivalry among delegates, as they tried to guess just how many seeds the jar contained.

If you guessed 997 seeds, you would be wrong. If you guessed 31,014, you would be wrong again.

The winner of the VIBRANCE® CST Guessing Competition was Paul McCutcheon, Narromine, with a guess of 20,263 seeds, being the closest to the actual count of 20,281, without going over.

Syngenta Head of Seedcare, Australasia, Michael Uttley, congratulated Paul on winning the $595 voucher for the boots.

“There was quite a bit of interest in the boots and it was great to see Paul win our competition,” Michael said.

“There were a lot of excellent guesses, but on behalf of the Syngenta team at Cotton Collective 19, we wish everyone else better luck next time.”

The competition provided the Syngenta team the opportunity to talk about VIBRANCE CST, a new technology brought to market through the Syngenta-CSD research and development collaboration, FastStart™.

VIBRANCE CST offers growers protection against rhizoctonia and pythium, two major seed borne diseases that affect seedling establishment.  

“Australian Cotton Collective 2019 was a great opportunity to talk about FastStart and how very important it is to plant health in the first 70 days after emergence,” Michael said.

“Despite some very challenging climatic conditions for cotton, the mood was very good in Griffith, which has really embraced the industry.”

The Cotton Collective even provided cause to celebrate some of the industry’s hardest workers and biggest talents, through the 2019 Australian Cotton Industry Awards.

Among the winners were:

  • Dr Linda Smith from the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, who won the Cotton Seed Distributors Ltd Researcher of the Year award.
  • Tom and Charm Arnott from Boggabilla, New South Wales, were recognised in the Bayer Grower of the Year award, recognising their efficient and effective farm management practices at their properties “Fairfield” and “Tambalaka”.
  • Australian Food and Fibre’s Moree farm manager Murray Connor’s commitment to innovation was rewarded with the ADAMA Chris Lehmann Trust Young Cotton Achiever of the Year award.
  • One Tree Agriculture farm managers Jamie Traill and Ashley Tunks, of Warra, Queensland, were awarded the AgriRisk High Achiever of the Year award for excellence and innovation in the cotton industry.
  • The IPF Service to Industry award was presented to long-serving regionally-based cotton extension officer, Kieran O’Keeffe.

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