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Summer crop favourite worth its weight in evolving grass weed battle

DUAL GOLD label extension is providing growers with greater flexibility for controlling grass weeds in sorghum and cotton.
Elders Toowoomba Agronomist Matt Kenny said the new use patterns for DUAL GOLD® provided control of summer grass weeds, into the crop and through the crop.


Feather top Rhodes, awnless barnyard grass and liverseed grass (Urochloa Panichoides), are “the Big three” grass weeds farmers on the Darling Downs struggle with.

Elders Toowoomba Agronomist Matt Kenny said DUAL GOLD® was a popular tool for good reason. One that’s now more powerful than ever with new usage patterns on the label.

“We always used DUAL GOLD as a pre-plant option for sorghum and cotton for the control of grass weeds,” he said.

“With the label extension we’re now able to use it [where appropriate] in a post-emergent pattern, to get that length of control, into sorghum and cotton crops.”

Key additions to this label update include; provision for single or split applications in spring/summer fallows; the addition of feathertop Rhodes grass control in several use situations; and the ability to apply Dual Gold early post-emergent in sorghum.

“Being able to use DUAL GOLD in a post-emergent pattern, it really takes the pressure off, allowing us to rotate to other chemistries,” Matt said.

The new use patterns now available to growers include:

Cotton -  Now able to spray over-the-top of the crop, from 4 to 18 node, giving cotton growers flexibility in its use pattern. Growers can still chose to apply post-plant, pre crop-emergence, if desired. However, the over the top registration will enable those growers who have crop sensitivity concerns to switch to this new use pattern. DUAL GOLD can also be applied with an application of Roundup Ready herbicide on Roundup Ready Flex cotton.

Sorghum - Over-the-top application now registered, giving growers flexibility and ability to apply it precisely when needed. There’s added flexibility since it can now be used under a split application in sorghum; at four weeks prior to sowing, at sowing and in-crop but NOT after the 6-leaf stage and NOT exceeding 2L/ha within the growing season. In all sorghum use patterns, seed must have been treated with Concep® II Sorghum Seed Safener.

In fallow - Now able to be used in fallow to control hard to kill grass weeds such as Feathertop Rhodes Grass. DUAL GOLD provides a flexible pre-emergent option, when combined with a knockdown herbicide. A good choice for growers seeking to minimize or manage Glyphosate resistant or tolerant grass weeds. As DUAL GOLD is a group K, it offers an alternate mode of action, controlling weeds before they emerge.

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