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33 properties received a cash-back in 2017 totalling over $200,000

AgriClime - Stuart Davidsont and Roger Bolte

AgriClime™ registrations now open

Registrations for the 2018 AgriClime program are now open.

With over $500,000 paid out to Australian growers in the past two years, AgriClime is quickly becoming a valuable farm risk management tool for low rainfall.

What are growers saying about AgriClime™?

2017 was one of the driest winter cropping seasons in recent history according to Coonamble farmer, Stuart Davidson.

They recorded their lowest annual rainfall in 16 years said Stuart, who manages the property “Calga” near Coonamble.

“Low rainfall meant that we only planted approximately 15 per cent of our usual cropping program and what we did harvest, the yield was very poor.”

Stuart registered his eligible Syngenta products in AgriClime™, and when the rainfall did not come, received 15 per cent cash-back on his investment.

“Calga” was one of 33 properties to receive a cash-back in 2017 totalling over $200,000.

“It is a no-brainer as it is free to register and we get the opportunity to collect some of our money back in a dry year,” said Stuart.

West Wyalong grower, Roger Bolte also received a payout in 2017. He said that the fact that AgriClime was prepared to take some of the risk was very important.

“Farmers generally perceive ourselves as taking all of the risk, so to have a partner come on and share some of that burden was attractive for us,” Roger said.

“It adds to the other (risk) tools that we have in our operation, but it is an important one, as you know that if you have a bad season, that you are going to get something back out of it.

“Having Syngenta give us that payout has certainly given us the confidence to go ahead with it again this year.

“I’d certainly recommend AgriClime to other farmers, I think it’s a terrific incentive and it’s great to see someone within the crop chemical side of things being prepared to share some of the load.”

What is the 2018 AgriClime™ offer?

  • $15,000 minimum spend (no minimum hectares)
  • 15% payout if rainfall threshold not met
  • Minimum two (2) products to qualify
    • NEW: inclusion of AFFIRM®, MIRAVIS™ and CRUISER® 350
  • Two offer periods:
    • August-September OR September-October
  • Purchases between October 2017 to September 2018 eligible


AgriClime qualifying products 2018

Where to register?

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