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3 tips to get the best from Amistar Xtra in established disease situations

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By Garth Wickson, Syngenta Solutions Development Manager

Here, we explore the use of Amistar Xtra® in situations where there is established disease already present.

For these situations, there are three points to remember when using Amistar Xtra:

  • To get the best value from Amistar Xtra you want to apply it to a relatively clean crop OR manage the disease that is currently present.
  • Amistar Xtra contains Cyproconazole which is a fantastic curative product on a number of key disease including rusts, Septoria and Powdery Mildew. In these situations it is as simple as adjusting the rate accordingly to enable the Cyproconazole to clean the leaf canopy and let the Azoxystrobin provide the protection.
  • In situations where you need additional curative activity on diseases beyond those listed above, for example Barley Net Blotch or Yellow Leaf Spot, just add a low rate of an effective DMI such as Tilt® or Cogito®. These products will bolster the curative activity and again leave the Azoxystrobin to provide the protection.

So in summary, to get the best out Amistar Xtra in established disease situations, think about the amount of DMI you are applying by either upping the rate or adding to the mix.

Download the Amistar Xtra label here.