Growth Awards 2014 Winners

man picking cotton

Andrew Pursehouse


Man in front of crop sprayers

Ross Hewson

Grower, Chertsey, Ashburton, NZ | COMMUNITY & PEOPLE

Man in front of silos

Adam Campbell

Grower, Corak, Victoria | COMMUNITY & PEOPLE

man standing in tall wheat crop

Mick Broad

Agonomist , Landmark Cummins, SA | PRODUCTIVITY

Man in front of open plain

Tim Condon

Agronomist, Delta Agribusiness Harden, NSW | PRODUCTIVITY

man in front of brick wall

Ian Crosthwaite

Agronomist, BGA Agriservices Kingaroy, QLD | COMMUNITY & PEOPLE

man smiling in front of crops

Matt Hood

Grower, Lockyer Valley, Queensland | PRODUCTIVITY

man standing in front of bush

Rob Hart

Grower, Old Junee, NSW | PRODUCTIVITY

David pfeiffer standing in front of fuel tanks

David Pfeiffer

Agronomist, Synergy Consulting, Perth, WA | PRODUCTIVITY

David stead in front of field

David Stead

Agronomist, Anasazi Agronomy, York, WA | SUSTAINABILITY