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New wave, early maturing, superior yielding imidazolinone tolerant barley.


  • High yielding, early maturing imidazolinone tolerant barley; yields on average 10-15% higher than Scope CL Plus.
  • Good straw strength, lodging resistance and head retention over Scope CL Plus; similar plant architecture to La Trobe.
  • Robust disease resistance including good Powdery Mildew and net form of Net Blotch resistance.
  • Short rachilla hair length, reducing itchiness.
  • Available for planting in 2016.


Spartacus CL has a similar height and plant architecture to La Trobe, it has a short coleoptile and an erect growth habit. Spartacus CL has moderately good straw strength and head retention, an improvement over Scope CL Plus and is similar to La Trobe. Spartacus CL has a short rachilla hair length, reducing itchiness.

The variety also has a high level of pre-harvest sprouting tolerance. Spartacus CL, in contrast to La Trobe, does not express anthocyanin (redness); the base of the stem, auricles and awns remain green.