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Syngenta Learning Centre showcases new technology

Pipeline products applied at the Syngenta Learning Centre in 2022 have demonstrated excellent control against disease.

The period leading into harvest can be a telling time, where the effectiveness of fungicide programs during the season really becomes apparent.

And while the industry throws itself into harvest, Syngenta is focused on the assessment of three new fungicidal products that will provide growers powerful new options for disease control in the near future.

All eyes have been on Syngenta’s Learning Centre located at Woodside in the Adelaide Hills. This trial has featured the latest crop protection technology from global innovators, Syngenta, in its quest to solve some of the biggest challenges facing grape growers.

“We have been able to see these new products perform in ‘real life’. Different to many research trials, we have used our new products within a Syngenta fungicide program, alongside a common industry program,” Syngenta Technical Services Lead, Dr Brandy Rawnsley said.

Dr Rawnsley said the programs had been designed with ‘best-fit’ of the products in a spray program to show when new fungicides can be used. A total of seven fungicide applications were made throughout the season, with the final application made early January.

Syngenta’s Learning Centre showcased three new products coming to market; a new fungicide for control of powdery mildew; a new mode of action fungicide for downy mildew, and; a biological suitable for disease control in organic production.

Of key interest is the new powdery mildew fungicide that fits perfectly into the Syngenta existing fungicide program at 80% capfall, providing excellent disease control to ensure vines reach their maximum potential.

“We were delighted to unveil this revolutionary fungicide at the Syngenta Learning Centre this year,” Dr Rawnsley said. “This is an incredible product that will elicit a lot of excitement in the market due to its exceptional control of powdery mildew when used at the key 80% capfall timing, providing up to 21 days protection at this critical time. With excellent xylem mobility, it targets areas on the plant that may be hard to hit with your spray coverage later in the season.

Also of note, Syngenta has developed a new fungicide with specific downy mildew activity. Offering translaminar activity, this best-in-class fungicide will bring an exciting new tool to the industry. 

Syngenta also expects to commercialise a new biological, which will complement other products such as THIOVIT Jet® in the organic wine market. “Having products that are able to be used in all types of winery scenarios makes life easy both for the agronomist and advisor but also the vineyard manager” stated Syngenta Portfolio Lead, Mr Scott Mathew. “THIOVIT Jet® has decades of solid performance behind it and this new biological is proving to be just as impressive, offering both conventional and organic wineries a real solution to disease management.”

Contact your local Syngenta representative to discuss your fungicide needs or to learn more about these pipeline products.




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