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Soft on beneficial insects, Voliam Targo® still knows how to hit pests hard

Voliam Targo® is soft on beneficials while being highly efficacious on pests including Light Brown Apple Moth.

Developed with grower confidence in mind, VOLIAM TARGO® is a dual-mode insecticide that’s fast acting on a range of chewing and sucking pests but soft on beneficial species.

“VOLIAM TARGO is not only high efficacious, providing up to 21 days of lepidopteran control and at least four weeks of mite control, it’s also IPM-friendly,” Syngenta Senior Technical Services Lead Scott Mathew said.

“Rainfast in one hour, it gets itself into the leaf very quickly, locking in that protection while reducing exposure to the key predatory mites, feeding on the pests themselves.”

The key species VOLIAM TARGO acts on include Light Brown Apple Moth, Grapevine Moth, Two Spotted Mite, Grape Leaf Rust Mite and offers suppression of Garden Weevil.

Applied when pest thresholds are met, VOLIAM TARGO quickly stops lepidopteran pests from feeding within hours of ingestion or contact, and death follows after 48 hours.

VOLIAM TARGO benefits:

  • Excellent control of chewing and sucking insects.
  • Powerful, fast acting and long lasting insecticide.
  • IPM friendly.


A suspension concentrate, VOLIAM TARGO comes in easy to mix and measure liquid packs.

To be affective, it requires thorough spray coverage, which makes spray calibration important to ensure distribution at the correct volume.

The addition of a non-ionic surfactant such as AGRAL® is recommended to assist control.

The AWRI “Dog Book” allows for use up to the EL-29 growth stage (peppercorn fruit) but not greater than 4mm in wine grapes (please refer to your winery or export agent for their WHP). For domestic wine and grape markets harvest is not to occur within 28 days of application.   

VOLIAM TARGO is also tank compatible with a range of fungicides and nutrients, for details please contact your local reseller.