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Popular sulphur now organic certified for viticulture

Vine Talk columnist and Syngenta Technical Services Lead Dr Brandy (Belinda) Rawnsley.
Have you heard the latest tips, tricks and industry advice? Vine Talk author, Dr Brandy (Belinda) Rawnsley takes a look at the issues facing grape growers.

Sales of organic wine continue to grow, made with grapes only sourced from organically certified vineyards. These organic wine grape growers have limited options for disease control. Choice of products is further restricted given the rigour behind certification. 

THIOVIT JET® has long been a popular sulphur from Syngenta and it can now be used confidently by all grapegrowers, following organic certification by Australian Certified Organic (ACO). This approval means THIOVIT JET is an allowable input in vineyards certified to the National Standard for Organic and Biodynamic Produce.  

Sulphur is a mainstay of many crop protection programs for good reason, offering cost-effective control of powdery mildew and mites. Used preventatively and at regular intervals, sulphur can be effective for managing powdery mildew right through the season.

Not all sulphurs are the same, with consistency being a real challenge. THIOVIT JET is the only sulphur product to feature micronised formulation technology.

With high quality, low dust micro granules and excellent dispersibility, THIOVIT JET provides superior tank-mixing properties compared to other sulphurs. 

The unique particle size distribution within each THIOVIT JET granule gives growers the perfect balance of contact action, residual control, fast and strong vapour activity.

Spraying sulphur in hot conditions is often associated with phytotoxicity on the vine. The level of burn is related to high relative humidity at spraying and the particle size of the sulphur being used. Sulphur combines with high humidity to produce sulphuric acid which can burn plants. 

Small particles in some sulphur products can enter the stomata and cause plant injury. THIOVIT JET has an optimised particle size, to remain on the outside of the leaf to minimise risk of burn and maximise crop performance 

THIOVIT JET has long had its loyal users, who trust and depend on it. With organic certification, growers can now purchase one sulphur and reliably use it across various properties.