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Plan now to stop mildews | Vine Talk

Nick Hall, Southern Horticulture Manager at Syngenta

Prevention is the key to disease management. In order to control pests and diseases, we need to know what to expect and devise a suitable spray plan. It might not be at the forefront of our minds in the winter months but planning now will save both time and money.

There is no spray plan that fits all. Variety, region, environmental conditions, vineyard history and even budget influences our decisions. With an abundance of crop protection products to choose from, starting with a solid foundation is essential.

Powdery mildew, downy mildew and botrytis control is the backbone of any fungicide spray program. A clear understanding of what, when and why to spray will assist in the decision-making process.

Budburst is the critical time to commence an effective fungicide program. As the temperature warms up, so too does the increased risk of powdery mildew that has survived in buds, bark and leaf litter as chasmothecia (resting spores).

Spraying within the first 40 days after budburst will stop powdery mildew development when vines are most susceptible to infection.

Start with two early sprays of THIOVIT JET® sulphur followed by MIRAVIS® at 5-leaf stage (E-L 12). Optimum protection is provided by a subsequent MIRAVIS® application prior to flowering (E-L 19) to keep disease levels low for the remainder of the season.

Using MIRAVIS provides long-lasting protection for up to 21 days. This means less time in the tractor, and less pressure to get around the block and start spraying again.

Early prevention is equally important with downy mildew. Translaminar products like REVUS® prevent disease leading up to and during the critical flowering period. Unlike copper sprays, REVUS® locks into the waxy cuticle and moves through the leaf to protect the underside of the leaf where infections begin, and is rainfast within one hour.

Syngenta has devised the perfect mildew protection combination with The MILDEW MANAGER® pack which contains drums of MIRAVIS® (powdery mildew) and REVUS® (downy mildew) in the one pack, providing up to 21 days protection. MILDEW MANAGER® saves time and money with its superior long-lasting control, giving growers confidence to extend the application window and a saving of over $6 per hectare.

By Nick Hall

If you would like to know more, speak to your local Syngenta representative.