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Picking the right sulphur for the job

Powdery Mildew in grapes

Dual activity on mites and Powdery Mildew and relative cost effectiveness will mean sulphur sprays will yet again be the cornerstone of most grapevine spray programs. THIOVIT JET® has consistently remained at the pinnacle of product quality for decades. Research has shown that in addition to optimum particle size and excellent handling properties, THIOVIT JET has outstanding contact, fumigant and residual activity.

This coming season, growers should think before they simply go for the cheapest product they can get. Some very poor quality sulphur products have troubled the market in recent times with serious quality issues such as lumpiness, insolubility and contamination with foreign objects. The added expense of dealing on farm with the consequences of inferior products has shown to far outweigh any initial cost savings.

THIOVIT JET can be applied to wine grapevines from budburst onwards, at rates ranging from 200 to 600 g/100 L (for dilute spraying). Growers should use rates at the upper end of the rate range when disease pressure is high or a higher degree of control is required.

Crop phytotoxicity might occur when any sulphur product is applied during hot humid conditions, so do not apply any sulphur product – regardless of brand - during the heat of the day. Growers should apply THIOVIT JET rates at the lower end of the range when warm and humid conditions are present at and immediately after application. 

THIOVIT JET at a glance

THIOVIT JET in the ‘new look’ packaging has remained a user friendly micronised sulphur formulation for decades. It has:

  • High quality low dust micro granules;
  • Excellent dispersability in the spray tank, offering better tank mixing properties (especially important for growers who use lower water volumes); and
  • Superior re-dispersability, a good feature if spraying is interrupted for any reason.